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October 2020 Meeting Agenda

November 12, 2020

October 8, 2020

A Town Board Meeting will be held at the time and place indicated below. The meeting is open to

the public in keeping with Chapter 19, Sub-chapter V, Wisconsin Statues (open meeting law)

Regular Monthly Meeting at Flambeau Town Hall

Call to Order/Signing of Checks and Approval of Expenditures for October 6:45 pm

Pledge of Allegiance

Reading and Approval of Minutes from September Meeting

Reading and Approval of Clerk/Treasurers Report for September

School Well

Ambulance Meeting

Internet & Computer for Shop

Set Date for 2020 Budget Planning

Set Date for Public Hearing on Proposed 2020 Town Budget

Public Comment

Adjourn Meeting


All attendees are required to wear masks and will need to practice social distancing with a limit of 15 people in the town hall to safely conduct the town meeting according to guidelines.


Thank you for attending!

Next Regular Meeting November 12, 2020

October 30th In Person Absentee Voting at Town Hall from 3 pm to 5 pm

October 30th Public Test of Voting Machine at Town Hall from 3 pm to 5 pm

November 3rd General Election at Town Hall – Polls open 7 am to 8 pm

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