May 2020 Meeting Minutes

Present: John Slaby, Chairman, Roy Boushon and Mike Galloway, Town Supervisors, and Jamie Soberg, Clerk/Treasurer.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Slaby at 7 pm.

Checks numbered 417, 17990 – 18033 were signed by the board.

Recited the Pledge of Allegiance. The chairman commented that we are now allowed to hold in person town meetings with social distancing in place until further guidance.

Clerk read the minutes from the Board Meeting held in March. Motion by Galloway/Boushon to receive and place on file as read. Carried. Slaby commented with update that we will be purchasing the cracksealer from the county and should get it by the end of May.

Soberg read the Treasurers report for the month of April. Motion by Boushon/Galloway to receive and place on file as presented. Carried.

Chairman Slaby stated that the Price Lake Road Project is ready to go. All contractors are aware that there is one person that is in charge of the project and a speaker for the town board. Rob Grigsby commented that the ditching so far has been good with the mud holes staying away this spring. Comments have been made that some residents are causing interruption with the contractors and town crew while working and law enforcement will be involved if necessary. Also Boushon talked with Janet Krucky at the county and confirmed that all roads are 66 feet wide or four rod, which is also in the state statute 82.18, see below. Slaby stated that the town will assume four rod and if a resident disagrees, it is up to them to pay to have it surveyed.

82.18  Width of highways. Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, highways laid out under this chapter shall be laid out at least 66 feet wide unless, in the town board’s discretion, that width is impractical. If the town board determines that a 66-foot width is impractical, the width shall be determined by the town board but shall be at least 49.5 feet in width. When no width is specified in the highway order, the highway shall be 66 feet wide.

The board met with the DNR at LeTourneau boat landing during June and it was decided to skip over the boat landing and move down the road. There will be a long process for addressing the landing concerns.

Slaby noted that culverts that were ordered are being dropped at the county due to COVID causing shipping changes. We will pick up or can have county deliver to us. Also two loads of patch were delivered today.

An update on the town hall project was given by Galloway. After looking further into the grant, a large share of cost would go to administrative type duties and with only $18,000 available, we may not want to pursue that. Also, it doesn’t go towards building structure itself but only the inside furnishing and such. Prevail Bank may have the best options for loans currently.

The chairman and supervisors will split up the town roads equally to perform the annual road survey and will report any findings at next month’s meeting.

Public Comment – Slaby commented that we need to keep plastic out of the metal scrap at the recycling center as much as possible.

Rob Grigsby mentioned that people are parking on the side of the road at boat launch on PLR. Slaby did state that the signs are for no parking on the road for safety. If vehicles are parking in the right away, then it’s up to the land owner at that point. Also the guys are working on the corner and are putting some erosion control in place on these new areas.

Boushon shared that he is working on drawing up some rules for the utilities with depth and distance and that any utility will need to contact us first. There have been multiple issues with the underground lines on Price Lake Road as we try to move forward on this project.

Rob Grigsby noted that we may need help to run the cracksealer. He has also looked into compressors for it.

Motion by Slaby/ Boushon to adjourn. Carried.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted by: Jamie Soberg

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