March 2021 Meeting Minutes

March 11, 2021

Present: John Slaby, Chairman, Roy Boushon and Mike Galloway, Town Supervisors, and Jamie Soberg, Clerk/Treasurer.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Slaby at 7 pm.

Checks numbered 435-436, 18334 – 18365 were signed by the board.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Clerk read the minutes from the Board Meeting held in February. Motion by Galloway/Boushon to receive and place on file as read. Carried.

Soberg read the Treasurers report for the month of February. Motion by Boushon/Galloway to receive and place on file as presented. Carried.

Therese Trojak commented that Keith Chalus was not able to attend the meeting as planned to share info on school; however, he would like to discuss driveway and parking lot ideas. The school committee will be meeting April 11 at 1pm at Crane Chase Tavern for anyone that would like to attend.

Slaby wanted to remind everyone that dog licenses are coming due April 1 and are now paid to the Price County Sheriff Office.

There was discussion about purchasing a computer and printer for the garage now that the internet service has been installed and appears to be working well. A motion by Galloway to look into options of computers and printers for the town garage. Seconded by Boushon. Carried. Board members will do some research on best options for computers and share findings next month.

Public Comment – Maureen Trojak commented that the road crew has done a good job on driveways this year. Slaby also commented that the road crew did a great job keeping up with the water that was flooding the roads the last couple days.

Dean Manecke inquired about his permit from the forestry department to cut down marked trees in the town right-away on North Fork Road. Slaby indicated the town won’t be working on the road until state budget is finalized in July to know if the town will get the grant or not.

Motion by Galloway/Boushon to adjourn. Carried.

Meeting adjourned at 7:43 pm.

Respectfully submitted by: Jamie Soberg

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