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July 2020 Meeting Minutes

August 11, 2020

Present: John Slaby, Chairman, Roy Boushon and Mike Galloway, Town Supervisors, and Jamie Soberg, Clerk/Treasurer.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Slaby at 7 pm.

Checks numbered 419-422, 18068 – 18098 were signed by the board.

Recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

Clerk read the minutes from the Board Meeting held in June. Wayne Fabiszak commented that there are three reasons for not wanting the boat landing on his property: no permission was given, legal reasons, and safety reasons. Motion by Galloway/Boushon to receive and place on file as amended. Carried. Galloway shared about his road survey.

Soberg read the Treasurers report for the month of June. Motion by Boushon/Galloway to receive and place on file as presented. Carried.

Boushon gave an update on Price Lake Road. The project went well and a lot was accomplished by the road crew and Janaks. The road is looking really good, but there is still more ditching that needs to be done; however, the funds for this project have been exhausted for now. He also shared letters written by residents of Price Lake Road and nearby roads showing appreciation and thanks for all the great work done by the board and road crew. Several residents attending the meeting commented that the work was done well and quickly and they appreciated the communication by the town and respect is well deserved. Slaby commented that there has been communication with the contractor about future grants to apply for. He explained that the current grant was a 90/10 split, which means the town is responsible for $10,000 of the cost. The contractor did go over by $10,000 and the town put in an additional $30,000, leaving the town putting in a total of $40,000 for this project as it was best to address a couple of the mud holes at this time.

The board agreed that fireworks are allowed on the 4th of July without a permit, but one will be needed for any other time of the year, like South Fork Bar does during New Years.

Several residents are concerned about the safety around the LeTourneau Boat Launch. Alan Eberius shared a few personal stories to relay what some of those concerns are. One involving a truck launching a boat while blocking the road, where his wife was stopped to wait and almost got rear ended by some motorcycles coming over the hill. Another was vehicles going in the ditch during winter and no guardrail to keep them from going into water. Slaby stated he will be working with Joe Baratka to help get a no parking ordinance written. Wayne Fabiszak, Dave Blanchard, and Alan Eberius all agree signs need to be put up.

Public Comment – none

Motion by Galloway/Boushon to adjourn. Carried.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted by: Jamie Soberg

Last modified: November 12, 2020

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